Climbing the corporate ladder can be a lengthy process. Just getting the experience companies are looking for is a challenge for people without connections. This is where the practice of philanthropy can come in handy, as there are a few ways working with a nonprofit entity can provide a career boost.

Set Up a Gift

Charities need money to run so they are more than happy when people decide to give to the cause. Agreeing to give a sum of money can sometimes bring a bit of recognition in the community, and getting involved with charitable giving can also provide some beneficial networking opportunities. It’s not always necessary to give current funds. Promising to give a legacy in the future can also be a great way to get involved in charitable giving while making valuable connections.

Volunteer for a Board

Charitable and nonprofit organizations usually have a board of directors which is set up to provide not just direction, but also oversight. Many of these boards are made up of volunteers. That means they’re open even to people who have little in the way of leadership experience. Getting on a board of directors can provide the leadership experience many businesses are looking for when it comes to hiring management prospects. Additionally, a new board member can get more than just experience. They can also get contacts. Many board members are well-established business leaders, and they might be willing to take early career professionals under their wings.

Work in a Nonprofit

Working for a nonprofit will not always be as lucrative as working in the for-profit sector. As noted above, nonprofits are generally reliant on the charitable giving of others. However, most nonprofits are organizations that can provide real-world skills that can transfer over to the private sector. Running programs and fundraising activities can provide some of the knowledge and skills that corporate employers are looking for in their prospective employees.

It’s not a good idea to get into the philanthropic space just for the monetary rewards it can offer. However, those who find a charity or nonprofit with a mission they can get behind will be able to learn some important skills and gain some valuable experience. That’s a win-win situation that can help other people in the process.