According to an article, over $28 million has been raised by various charities for the Sandy Hooky families affected by the December 14 school shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

The recent survey conducted by the state attorney general’s office involved 63 charities. Of the $28 million raised, $11 million has still yet to be distributed. The five page survey was conducted to find out how much money each charity made. It also provides the amount of money that was distributed to each of the 26 families that lost loved ones.

The survey was voluntary and 14 charities have yet to respond. The state attorney general office will continue to reach out to those who have yet to respond. They are hoping to hear from each charity so they can get a better sense of total money and distribution efforts.

Eleven organizations have raised more than $600,000 and six of those have raised over $1 million.

After one of the most tragic school shootings in the United States, it is encouraging to see such a positive response.