Children are meant to be able to exert their energy in constant activity. The average child can never sit still, has a short attention span and needs constant cognitive stimulation. For those who are sick in hospital beds, this becomes very difficult for them. Being confined into our walls for extended periods of time while fighting an illness is exhausting and frustrating. One charity is out to make a hospital experience as pleasurable as it can be.John Jellinek Blog

The Get-Well Gamers Foundation was formed to provide mental stimulation and fun to children who have fallen ill. They use donated video games along with monetary donations to bring some joy to the hospital room. In a digital age where video games are reigning supreme in the younger generations, this is an extremely appropriate form of entertainment. Get-Well Gamers began in 2001, based off of founder Ryan Sharpe’s childhood, filled with illness. He recalled the boredom that set in during his hospital stays and wanted to help those going through a similar experience.

Currently, Get-Well is in 240 hospitals and has plans for expansion from just the younger video game enthusiasts. Working with AgeTech West, they are in discussions about developing a Wii Fit gaming program for seniors with Parkinsons disease. The charity’s long term goal? To become the, “Red Cross of gamers”.

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