John JellinekI came across an article recently in Forbes that talked about an entrepreneur who thought of an idea and ran with it. John Saddington is an avid photographer and he continually takes images with his Iphone like many people do. He is familiar with the Instagram platform, but became increasingly curious when he wanted to share his photos instantly with filters to his blogging site. John Saddington is well versed in the world of blogging and he realized there is a need that must be solved for people like him who would like to share photos immediately to an online space via a personal blog. Although the idea doesn’t seem novel from what it proceeds with the Instagram application, it fits a niche that could hold weight as blogging continues its popularity and addiction for many.

John Saddington decided to create an IOS app that enabled him to post filtered photos to WordPress, his preferred blogging platform. He stated, “It wasn’t a groundbreaking idea. It’s a strategy called focused innovation. What I’ve done is taken a model that works, that people are comfortable with, and added a feature that just makes a lot of sense, and by doing so the entire thing reaps the benefit of not just being functionally superior because of that feature but also philosophically different at its very core.”

Sometimes inventions or products aren’t necessarily out of the ordinary or completely unheard of. John Saddington simply found a small void in a space that is becoming increasingly competitive in photo sharing. Photos can be shared across a number of platforms instantly via a smartphone, but they have yet to reach a platform such as the world’s most popular blogging tool in WordPress. WordPress is currently powering over 60 million websites worldwide. If John can get this application off the ground soon it could be a big deal as so many people use the content management system.