Trends in Philanthropy: 2018

Though the basic fundamentals and principles of philanthropy have endured for countless years, the structure and execution of giving back has changed as new trends arise. In the context of 2018, the philanthropic community is set to experience — and has already experienced — a variety of trends impacted by new paradigm shifts and changes […]

IF Hummingbird Foundation

Jill Iscol, founder and President of the IF Hummingbird Foundation, makes the important and accurate claim that a commitment to philanthropy begins at home. This is why it came to no surprise to Mrs. Iscol that the United States ranks first in the world when it comes to helping strangers in need of assistance, according […]

Tim Cook to Donate His Fortune

The biggest news in philanthropy over the last couple weeks is how the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook will be donating his entire fortune to philanthropic causes. His only stipulation is that he will be holding on his donation until he can pay for his nephews college education. While his list of causes has not […]

Philanthropy, No Money Necessary

Philanthropy has been gaining ground in our society and a trend of giving back no matter your financial health is a new addition to the philanthropic movement. Who says you need to be rich to be a philanthropist? We can all contribute to the trend of giving no matter our monetary worth. This is not […]

Giving Tuesday

It is Giving Tuesday and everyone know that it is an enormous day for charity enthusiasts and philanthropists alike. While the last few days have been about buying today is a day rooted in giving. The movement will receive an extra boost for awareness this year through a trending hashtag, #GivingTuesday. Already on Twitter many […]

The Giving Pledge Highlight: David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein has a hefty $3.1 billion fortune thanks to his financial success in the world of private equity. He started the Carlyle Group — which is one of the largest private equity firms in the world — and is now known for his financial insights and business acumen. He is also one of the […]

Charity For Gamers

Children are meant to be able to exert their energy in constant activity. The average child can never sit still, has a short attention span and needs constant cognitive stimulation. For those who are sick in hospital beds, this becomes very difficult for them. Being confined into our walls for extended periods of time while […]

Intersection of Business and Good Nature

Toms Shoes was a bold step in the right direction as far as for-profit companies coupling with a philanthropic alter-ego. The adoption of the buy one, donate one business plan has sparked a movement in consumers fashion choices as of late. It also provides a piece of mind that the purchase a person is making […]

Philanthropic trend is gaining momentum among billionaires

 According to an online article: The United States of America has 492 billionaires, the world has 1,645, and the average net worth between them is $4.7 billion.  Among these elite monetary giants is a trend of giving back, spearheaded by Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as Warren Buffet. They are the leaders of the […]

California Man Wins Big and Gives Back

B. Raymond Buxton claimed his prize of $425.3 million at the California Lottery headquarters on April 1 after purchasing a Powerball lottery ticket in Milpitas, California. The Powerball jackpot is the largest jackpot ever won in California, the sixth largest jackpot in United States history, and the fourth largest Powerball jackpot of all time.  Buxton, […]