Trends in Philanthropy

Philanthropy is growing worldwide. That is a trend that all can see, but what many cannot see are the microtrends within philanthropy that will be taking over this next year! It is going to be a great year of giving and these are the trends to look for when it comes to being generous. Impact […]

Philanthropy, No Money Necessary

Philanthropy has been gaining ground in our society and a trend of giving back no matter your financial health is a new addition to the philanthropic movement. Who says you need to be rich to be a philanthropist? We can all contribute to the trend of giving no matter our monetary worth. This is not […]

Givers to watch in 2015: Finance Industry

The financial industry has seen its ups and down over the years, but with a recent uptick in market health top financial specialists have some extra money in their pockets. Couple this with a recent trend in giving and you are staring at some very generous people who work in the financial sector. Here are […]

Giving Tuesday

It is Giving Tuesday and everyone know that it is an enormous day for charity enthusiasts and philanthropists alike. While the last few days have been about buying today is a day rooted in giving. The movement will receive an extra boost for awareness this year through a trending hashtag, #GivingTuesday. Already on Twitter many […]