IF Hummingbird Foundation

Jill Iscol, founder and President of the IF Hummingbird Foundation, makes the important and accurate claim that a commitment to philanthropy begins at home. This is why it came to no surprise to Mrs. Iscol that the United States ranks first in the world when it comes to helping strangers in need of assistance, according […]

Givers to watch in 2015: Finance Industry

The financial industry has seen its ups and down over the years, but with a recent uptick in market health top financial specialists have some extra money in their pockets. Couple this with a recent trend in giving and you are staring at some very generous people who work in the financial sector. Here are […]

Las Vegas is New Tech Start-Up Hub

According to a Business Insider article, Las Vegas is becoming more of an attractive destination for tech start-ups. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh definitely wants that to be the case after he invested $350 million of his own money to move Zappos to downtown Las Vegas. Mr. Hsieh is some what of a spokesmen for the cause as […]