Philanthropy is growing worldwide. That is a trend that all can see, but what many cannot see are the microtrends within philanthropy that will be taking over this next year! It is going to be a great year of giving and these are the trends to look for when it comes to being generous.images

Impact Investing
Gauged by the BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index, this seems to be the most promising trend for worldwide philanthropy. 52% of philanthropists that were questions felt this is where a lot of money will go in 2015. It might be considered other than pure philanthropy, impact investing does not look towards financial return on investment. Instead it looks to see benefits in places such as environment and social change.

Collaborative Philanthropy and Sharing of data, Best practices, needs and skills.
Having many organizations aimed at a similar goal is usually a great thing but they can sometimes eat up information that can benefit the entire effort in mind. Collaborating efforts makes their end goal achievable, and while it may seem counterintuitive to individual organizations, many are starting to come around to the idea. In Europe, many causes are beginning to work together through the Network of European Foundation. Others are also looking for collaborations with government to cultivate ideas and see them through.

Address Problems at the Root of Social Problems
When we say root, we do not mean donating to homeless shelters to help those who do not have a roof over their heads, we mean helping people before it gets to that point. Addressing the root of a problem is fixing it before it becomes a problem, not putting a bandaid over it.

Venture Philanthropy
This is providing funds where monetary prowess is most necessary, medical cures for example. Research is very costly for medical concerns and injections of money are the only way to expedite results

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