John JellinekAccording to an article on Spear’s, Bill Gates has been donating huge sums of money to large organizations for quite sometime now. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation aims to help organizations that are “committed towards eradicating poverty, establishing good education, developing vaccines and even fighting AIDS across the globe.”

The highest donation the foundation has ever made was a total of $1,525,380,950 to the United Negro College Fund. The grant is intended to provide financial assistance to minority students that have extreme financial issues in receiving quality education.

The second highest donation total is to the GAVI Alliance at $957,000,000. GAVI’s mission is to “increase access to immunizations in the world’s poorest countries.”

The third largest grant bestowed by the Bill and Melinda foundation is $755,210,000 to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The donation is to cover a term of 147 months and is intended to abolish polio.

With so much money, it is amazing to see how generous the richest man in the world can be. These are millions and billions of dollars going to organizations who wouldn’t be where they are without the assistance. Bill and his wife truly have a huge heart and care to use their money for the benefit of others. To date, Bill Gates has donated approximately $37,000,000,000, more than half of his estimated net worth. That is just astounding. Bill understands he has more money in the world than one human should possibly need and he is putting it to the greater good of everyone. He is beyond generous and a genuine hero to many.