The financial industry has seen its ups and down over the years, but with a recent uptick in market health top financial specialists have some extra money in their pockets. Couple this with a recent trend in giving and you are staring at some very generous people who work in the financial sector. Here are the top philanthropist to watch in 2015 from the financial industry.

Steve Cohen

steve-cohen \ John Jellinek

Steve Cohen

Cohen and wife, Alexandra have a history for giving money to education, healthcare organizations and arts initiatives, it looks as though this year will be no different. In an attempt to reshape his public image, his giving has grown exponentially, look for him to possibly throw some fundraising events this year to up the ante on giving.

Ray Dalio
The Dalio Foundation has been growing with each pay period. While it does not have a specific target to where the money goes they have issued grants across the board. This will most likely segway into a more professionally run organization of giving and look for that to happen this year.

Stanley Druckenmiller
This retired fund manager and his wife have reach nearly ten figures in their foundations account balance with per-year giving being close to $73 million and rising every year. Favorite causes to donate to? Education, Health, and the Environment.

Charles Munger
This is the right hand to the infamous Warren Buffett and has been on a mission to give away his excess money. Strong donations to the University of Michigan, Huntington Library, and UC Santa Barbara over the last two years, expect big money to go to institutions who will put it to good use.

David Rubenstein
Previously highlighted in this blog, David has a knack for donating to historic foundations. Last year saw gifts going to Arlington House, Robert E. Lee Memorial, the Smithsonian, and to Montpelier for restoration of James Madison’s historic home. This year should be more of the same trend, highlighting his effort to preserve national treasures.