John JellinekAccording to a Business Insider article, Las Vegas is becoming more of an attractive destination for tech start-ups. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh definitely wants that to be the case after he invested $350 million of his own money to move Zappos to downtown Las Vegas. Mr. Hsieh is some what of a spokesmen for the cause as he’d like to see others occupy the eventful city in the near future. He has a plan to revitalize the downtown area to attract technology start-ups, provide co-working spaces and encourage the arts.

Las Vegas is a city that is constantly in party mode and has a lot of attractive entertainment options. This is an ideal situation for young start-up companies. The atmosphere at start-ups are usually informal and involve a younger generation that are heavily immersed in technology. Having the ability to go to a casino or get great late night food would be very attractive to a lot of young people.

It’ll be interesting to see the downtown area in a couple years time. The start-up culture continues to be a popular way to start a business. I’m sure more people will flock to Las Vegas, especially with the CEO of Zappos backing the project.